You may have heard that we are saying goodbye to TST Water as our company name and are rebranding ourselves as Aquamor! With over 125 years combined water treatment industry experience, we are so excited to start this century off with a new look and feel. We are still the same company with the same great quality and all your favorite products, all that has changed is our branding.

We exist to provide healthful, great-tasting water at an economical price to consumers in every home and business, while generating less impact on the environment.


Aquamor Foodservice has solutions for all, from cafés and restaurants to coffee shops, and other foodservice outlets. These outlets rely on clean, great-tasting water to serve and run their equipment. Formerly known as BevGuard, Aquamor Foodservice provides the most comprehensive line of water treatment products in the industry; engineered specifically for ice, cold beverages, coffee/tea, espresso, steamers, and combi-ovens.


Designing and manufacturing water filtration products for customers through multiple channels.


Aquamor PRO provides products directly to the plumber and dealer channel for point of entry, point of use and light commercial water treatment. Through an advanced engineered product line and direct interactive training Aquamor PRO provides unique solutions for a wide range of water chemistry problems. 


Aquamor Retails' line of replacement refrigerator water filters are guaranteed to be the best fit for your refrigerator and your family. Aquamor's retail filters are some of the highest quality in the world, certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 53 to remove hundreds of health related contaminants. Aquamor retail filters are built to provide clean, clear, great-tasting water for you and your entire family.



Aquamor OEM uses proprietary manufacturing processes and patented innovations to manufacture branded components and systems for the residential and light commercial filtration markets. We are proud to label our products "Made In USA".

Please reach out to us at 951-541-9517 or fill out the form below with any questions, to place an order, request a quote, or more information on consulting.


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